Beauty Love Review: Lip Gloss!

Beauty Love Review: Lip Gloss!

It’s so hard to find a really good lip gloss. With kids especially- I don’t want a sticky one that will get all in my hair, all over my kids’ faces, hands- yuck! More work for me…

I found a lip gloss that has a combination of everything I am looking for in a lip gloss.

1. Super shiny- I always get compliments on how shiny it is:)
2. Hint of color- Not too strong, not too light. Always complements my makeup
3. Smooth not sticky- It goes on smoothly and stays that way.
4. Minty- so it acts like gum or mint without having to actually have one!
5. Cost!- It’s only $7.50 a pop, or $5.00, if you get it on sale.

So here it is:

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint


You can find it at Bath & Body Works!

Beauty Love Review: Cetaphil Cream

Beauty Love Review: Cetaphil Cream

I consider myself to have “OK” skin. But since I turned 30, or maybe since I had my second baby, my skin is CRRRAZY! It’s like bumpy and then I get huge pimples like I’m going through puberty again.

Times like that, I stop all skin care regiment the little that I do, and I only use Cetaphil Cream- pictured below. Then, in a few days, VOILA! My skin has somewhat returned to a non-frantic state. It’s amazing and a cure-all.

I highly recommend it! It’s great for me and my babies:)